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Mobile Articulating Boom Lift GTBZ-10

Product classification:Mobile Boom Lift

Main Features: ● Boom lift has automated drive and hydraulic automatic leg which can be rotated 360 moves flexible and convenient. ● It can stride across the barriers to work without external pow...


Mobile Articulating Boom Lift GTBZ-10

Main Features:

● Boom lift has automated drive and hydraulic automatic leg, which can be rotated 360°, moves flexible and convenient.
● It can stride across the barriers to work, without external power supply.
● With 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers to support the balance of whole machine, equipped with the security system in case of the emergency.



Its platform can lift up, extend horizontally, or turn around 360 degrees to stride across certain obstacles for work. so it can realize multipoint work in wide scope.


With 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers to steady the whole machine at any kind of ground conditions. When the road is uneven, four full-automatic legs or single leg can support the machine.



It can be diesel or storage battery according to customer's requirements.



Adopting structural steel with high quality, handicraft for single-side welding and double-side molding.


Hydraulic cylinder

Original import or domestic joint venture hydraulic cylinder, with high quality, improving the reliability and prolonging  the work time.


Aloft work platform

Equipped with balanced valve, automatic pressure maintaining, etc.


Model GTBZ-10 GTBZ-12 GTBZ-13 GTBZ-14 GTBZ-15 GTBZ-16
Platform Height (m) 8 10 11.5 12.5 13.5 14
Working Height (m) 10 12 13.5 14.5 15.5 16
Load Capacity (kg) 200 200 200 200 200 200
Rotation 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Operating Radius (m) 3 3.4 3.5 4 4.1 4.2
Walking Speed (km/h) 15-30  15-30 15-30 15-30 15-30 15-30
Overall Size (mm) 4000*1900*2800 4200*1900*2800 4200*1900*2800 5200*1900*2800 5400*1900*3050 5400*1900*3150
Weight (kg) 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000


The crank arm boom lift can overhang operation, can overcome some obstacles or in a point lifting for more point work. this kind of lift can rotate 360 degrees, load capacity big, available to two people for working at the same time and carry some tools; mobile flexible, transfer work place convenient, appearance beautiful.

Use the high quality steel structure, one-side welding double-side molding industrial art, imported with original packaging hydraulic pump station or domestic joint venture hydraulic power unit, equipped with balance valve automatic pressure maintaining etc. safety device, the lift safety, reliable and durable. This series of lift with mobile flexible, lifting stable, load capacity big, easy to operate etc.


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