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Mobile Dock Ramp DCQY-6

Product classification:Mobile Dock Ramp

Main Features: ● Heavy Load Capacity ● Height Adjustable Support Legs ● Manual Control Hydraulic System Specifications: Model DCQY-6 Overall Size 11100mm( L)*2000mm(W)*1100mm(H) Load Capacity 6T Deck...


Mobile Dock Ramp DCQY-6

Main Features:
● Heavy Load Capacity
● Height Adjustable Support Legs
● Manual Control Hydraulic System


Model DCQY-6
Overall Size 11100mm( L)*2000mm(W)*1100mm(H)
Load Capacity 6T
Deck Slope length: 7000mm, plane length: 3000mm, front foot plate length: 400mm, back foot plate length: 700mm Upper: 8mm High-strength Steel Nets
Bottom: 3mm High-strength Steel Plate 
Platform Framework 160×80×4mm Rectangular Tubes, 5 pcs main beam
Vice Beam 100×50x4mm Rectangular Tubes
Oil Cylinder  Φ80mm ×Φ50mm 2 pcs
Adjustable Range 1100-1800mm  
Oil Hose 32 MPa High-pressure Double Steel Nets Rubber Hose
Seal Ring VALQUA Import Seal Element  
Guardrail Height 200mm, 40×60×3mm Rectangular Tubes 
Front Lip 400mm length, 16mm Steel Plate
Tires HC-YDQ10T:600-9 Solid Tires 
Lifting Mode Manual Lifting or Manual&Electric Lifting or manual&Battery Lifting
Support Legs Mechanical adjustable legs, route 600mm
Color Optional, electrostatic spray
Weight 2.4 Ton


Mobile Dock Ramp is a special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading of goods rapidly. Its height adjustment feature allows forklifts and other moving vehicles to enter into the truck  or container directly and handle the goods. The dock ramp is controlled by manual hydraulic system, so only one person could operate it conveniently. It enables you to reduce the amount of labor and raise working efficiency.

Option Configurations:

● Battery Lifting
● Electric Lifting
● Support Legs

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