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Vehicle-mounted Scissor Lift SJYC0.3-8

Product classification:Vehicle-mounted Scissor Lift

Main Features: ● The scissor lift is equipped on the diesel truck can be easily moved especially applies to operation over long distance or field work. ● Provides spacious capacity for several peo...


Vehicle-mounted Scissor Lift SJYC0.3-8

Main Features:

● The scissor lift is equipped on the diesel truck, can be easily moved especially applies to operation over long distance or field work.
● Provides spacious capacity for several people working together.
The scissor lift can be powered by the diesel engine on the selected vehicle or by independent battery or external AC powers.

This model scissor lift can be customized according to your requirement, loading capacity, platform size , lifting height, color and so on.





Load Capacity


Platform Size




Overall Size 


SJYC0.5-4 4 500 2.1*0.83 800 2.25*0.95*1.1
SJYC0.5-6 6 500 2.1*0.93 880 2.26*1.14*1.36
SJYC0.5-7 7 500 2.1*0.93 970 2.26*1.14*1.36
SJYC0.5-8 8 500 2.1*0.93 1050 2.26*1.14*1.46
SJYC0.5-9 9 500 2.1*0.93 1165 2.26*1.14*1.51
SJYC0.5-10 10 500 2.1*1.23 1360 2.26*1.44*1.61
SJYC0.5-11 11 500 2.1*1.23 1400 2.26*1.44*1.65
SJYC0.5-12 12 500 2.6*1.5 2260 2.8*1.71*1.85
SJYC0.5-14 14 500 2.81*1.6 2400 3.07*1.82*1.96

Truck mounted aerial work platform is widely used for city building maintaining, and board setting, street lamp repairing, highway maintaining etc.

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